Chem Fire


Chem Fire is a deadly potent Indica dominant mix of Chem Dawg and Fire OG and cultivated by the Terptastic Masters of Grow at Higher Up Cannabis Co. This powerful little flower isn’t for all medicinal users. For some, it could be overpowering with it’s strong greasy-fuelish scent and flavor. For others, this combination is a delicacy for the body and mind. Chem Fire is an exhilarating mellow journey of awareness. As the mind relaxes into a soft calmness, the body takes and invigorating voyage of its own. This beautiful strain provides relief from stress, pain, chronic back pain, depression, migraines, insomnia and many other medical conditions requiring the same terpene profile. Total Terpenes: 2.66%

1 g $12.001/8 oz $361/4 oz $70.001/2 oz $138.001 oz $225.00
THC 23.71%THCA 25.43%TOTAL 27.89%